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1 Nov
Grit, determination and the right amount of funding aren’t all that it takes to successfully go into business with someone. No matter how solid your partnership may seem at the outset, you need to nut out a few basic legal agreements before you start operating a business together.  This month we asked business owners what they wish they'd done before partnering - and their answers all revolved around one thing: Partnership agreements!
3 Oct
Revenge porn is a particularly insidious type of harassment where an ex-partner publishes sexually explicit images of a former flame online without their consent.  Unfortunately, because this is a relatively new crime there isn’t an Australia-wide law to deter offenders, but there are still other options for victims to pursue.
2 Oct
If you’ve ever had a serious, long-term relationship, you’ll know how deeply intertwined lives can become - which is why a separation often makes for a difficult, painful, and volatile experience.  Like any situation, though, you can take steps to mitigate your hardship.