As business and corporations contemplate a post-COVID-19 market environment, it is likely that there will be a focus on greater efficiencies and cost savings in the uncertain times ahead.

This is all well and good if you work in the office or otherwise, in a non-physical role, but warehouse distribution, construction and mining, as well as other manufacturing processes like fabrication and meatworks, are likely to see corners cut on health and safety.

It may not seem like much on paper or the boss’s computer, but a production line increase of 10% overall, without the same additional increase in man-hours, is very much likely to cause overuse and repetitive strain type injuries to a labourer.

In a recent article published in the Journal of the Decision Sciences Institute, co-authored by ANU academic Dr Di Fan, found that companies with 20% increase in debt led to a roughly equal amount in breaches of health and safety regulations. “We found firms taking out loans did not invest this money into human capital – rather they used it to push productivity, which placed operational workers at risk in the process,” Dr Fan said.

All workers working in labour-intensive and process-work environments should bring issues of unsafe practices, unsustainable physical demands and models to their supervisor and managers and keep records of the complaint and outcome. If experiencing the onset of injury or pain, they should consult medical professionals and seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Injury & Accident Lawyers (or Phoenix Law & Associates) specialise in work injury claims and have many success stories acting in “over a period of time” claims, where workers are injured as a result of sustained high pace, high demand environments.

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