International Trade Law Services in Brisbane

As global trade increases, more businesses are finding themselves affected by international trade law issues.

International trade matters require a professional approach, but our Brisbane law firm offers more than just expertise – we take the time to understand the people behind the deal. By getting to know your motivations, we can truly serve your international interests in all we do on your behalf.

We help clients at every stage of their business cycle, from beginners seeking to commence their first foreign investment, through to more established business people looking for complex advice on investment protection and tax-effective business structuring.

We have a deep understanding of the laws affecting trade practice compliance, franchising, competition policy, sale of goods, import/exports and other legislative matters.

With Phoenix, your business can prosper on the world stage.

How Phoenix Law Can Help You

Working closely with our network of industry experts, we can keep you abreast of international business developments that impact your ability to import and export goods, services and ideas. This includes local and foreign commercial taxation requirements, financial practices and international trade agreements and legislation – everything you need to compete and succeed in overseas markets.

We can assist you in such areas as:

  • Dispute settlement
  • Every stage of investment
  • Importation and exportation
  • Intellectual property law

International trade agreements are negotiated at three levels: multilateral level, under the umbrella of the World Trade Organisation; regional level, such as Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC); and bilateral level, such as free trade and investment agreements with trading partners. You need a solicitor who is across all these fronts.

Protect Your Foreign Interests with Phoenix Law

As a respected member of the Queensland Law Society, Phoenix Law can help you with all aspects of import/export in Australia. Learn more about our personalised services for international trade by calling (07) 3180 0908 or contacting us online.