Knowing Your Legal Rights When Injured on Public Property

Many of us aren’t aware of the rights we have when injured on public property. This article serves to clarify these rights.

Public Liability Claim

Depending on the type of injury, the circumstances under which it happened, and the type of public property, someone injured on public property may be able to put forth a public liability claim.

Common public liability claims include:

Business Claim

If you visit a public property belonging to a business and injure yourself, you can serve them with a personal injury claim. The owners of the business have a responsibility to the public to keep the area safe.

Dog Attack

If you are outside of someone’s private property and their dog attacks you, you can lodge a public liability claim against the owner.

Shopping Centre

If you are not directly inside a shop but still inside a shopping centre when an injury occurs, you can lodge a personal injury claim. In this case, who you lodge the claim against differs, but a personal injury lawyer can assist you with that. Common injuries include trips, slips and falls.

Sporting Accident

Players who injure themselves at a club or sporting arena may receive compensation from the club owners, depending on the type of injury and how it happened.

At School

School is not often thought of as a public place, but if someone experiences an injury on school grounds, they may be able to hold the school or, depending on the injury, government liable.

Footpath or Road

A badly made or maintained footpath or road can cause an injury, and a public liability claim may be lodged against a local council or authority.

What to Do

Should you experience an injury in a public place, the first thing you should do is go to a doctor and explain to them how the injury occurred. After medical treatment, you should then seek legal help. We can help you file a personal injury report against the person you think is responsible. We can also help you work with witnesses, documents and the general progress of the report.

You have every right to receive compensation for your injury.

Need Advice or Assistance with Injury Claims?

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