Lodging a TPD Claim? Here’s Why You Need a Lawyer

There is no industry more concerned with specifics than the insurance industry, and anyone who has lodged a Total and Permanent Disability insurance (TPD) claim can attest to just how detailed a completed claim application needs to be and how excruciatingly long it can take to have a claim approved.

If you’re considering lodging a TPD claim with your insurer or superannuation fund, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer on hand to:

1. Scrutinise your insurer’s definitions

Earlier this year, Queensland construction worker fund BussQ changed the wording of their policies to state that a claim would be paid out when a hurt worker is “unable ever” to return to work. Previously, claims would be paid out if a hurt worker was “unlikely ever” to return to work.

While changes in wording may seem insignificant, one slightly altered phrase can be the difference between lodging a successful claim and getting knocked back. Unsuccessful claimants need to know that updated policy definitions that were applied to their TPD insurance claim might not have been tested by the courts, and any unfairly worded policy could be legally contested.

2. Navigate deadlines

A lawyer can inform you about the timeframe you have to lodge your claim within (sometimes there is one, sometimes there isn’t) and any waiting periods you have to serve before you can make a claim.

3. Help you provide detailed, relevant and necessary information

By giving you a list of documents (including evidence) needed to process your claim, explaining the very specific wording of your policy, and reviewing the language used in your claim, a lawyer can help speed up the application process and increase your chances of success.

4. Explain your entitlements

Do you know that if your claim is paid, you may be entitled to interest on the claim amount? In some circumstances, if you don’t ask your insurer simply won’t tell you what extras you are entitled to.

TPD claims can be complex, and putting together a claim after you’ve suffered a life-altering injury or illness is always trying.

A lawyer can take the stress out of accessing your entitlements and ensure that you receive all that you deserve. If you would like to speak to one of our lawyers about your TPD claim, contact Phoenix Law on 07 3607 3274 or info@phoenix-law.com.au for an obligation free consultation.