Worker compensated for hand sanitiser throat injury at Adelaide School

Worker compensated for hand sanitiser throat injury at Adelaide School.

Hand sanitiser has become prolific since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For a school support worker, at Hallet Cove School in Adelaide, it has contributed to a throat injury. On April 28, 2020, and again a week later, Tracey Reimers breathed in fumes from hand sanitiser that had been introduced to the school. Feeling like she had something stuck in the back of her throat, and always needed to cough, the laryngeal sensitivity — was relieved by a Botox injection to her throat in August 2020. The condition was aggravated after Ms Reimers breathed in mist from a fan a girl had brought into a classroom in February 2021 and found it worse when working with older students, who used more deodorant, perfume and aftershave.

The South Australian Employment Tribunal ruled that the woman should be reinstated with the Department for Education, and will be paid for work loss and medical expenses. The Brisbane personal injury lawyers at Phoenix Law   are here to help you with personal injury compensation.

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