When can civil legal action be pursued?

Before deciding whether to commence legal action, you must identify your ideal outcome, whether it be compensation, reinstatement of a job or just an acknowledgement of fault. Our lawyers will use this information to determine whether a court could in fact help you achieve your desired outcome.

The next important consideration is whether there is a case to answer for and if you have a cause of action. A cause of action is a legal framework that gives rise to entitlement for you to take action. For example, a negligence claim has 3 separate elements to be satisfied, and if but one element cannot be satisfied your claim will not go ahead.

Finally there must be sufficient evidence to support your claim. Your word against theirs will not be satisfactory so you must ensure that there is enough admissible evidence for the court to assess.
If court is not for you, feel free to ask us about the wealth of alternatives to court.