Pay attention to the effect of COVID-19 in the workplace!

As many enterprises and companies are trying to think about the post-COVID-19 market environment, in the uncertain period in the future, people may focus on improving efficiency and saving costs.

If you are working in an office or other non-labor jobs, all of this is fine, but working in factory distribution, construction, mining, and other manufacturing workers (eg, manufacturing and meat processing) will be the first to bear the brunt of health and safety.

When the overall production line of the factory increases by 10%, even if the working hours do not increase the same, although the numbers on paper or the boss ’s computer seem to be few, this is likely to cause excessive physical use and repetitive strain damage to workplace workers.

In a recent article published in the Journal of the Institute of Decision Sciences, co-authored by Dr. Di Fan, an Australian National University scholar, he found that companies with a 20% increase in debt and the number of violations of health and safety regulations were roughly proportional. Dr. Fan said: “We found that the company that obtained the loan did not invest this money in human capital, but used it to increase productivity, which puts operating workers at risk in this process.”

In all labor-intensive and production-process working environments, workers who work should raise their supervisors and managers with violations of work safety and unsustainable physical requirements, and keep complaints and results records. If an injury or pain occurs, they should consult a professional medical staff and seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

Injury and accident lawyers specialize in work-related injury claims. Workplace injuries are caused by continuous high speed and high-demand environments. In “over a period of time” claims, we have quite a few successful cases.