Commercial Law to Protect Your Business

If you’re starting a business or need legal advice for your existing company, a commercial lawyer can assist you with everything from preparing your business documents (e.g. commercial leases) to negotiating a purchase or sale to litigation and dispute resolution.

At Phoenix Law, we aim to bring a personal touch back into business by getting to know our clients as people.

We know Australian business legislation through and through, and our goal is to the equip individuals, small businesses and SMEs we meet with practical legal solutions.

Our law firm is proudly multicultural, and our multilingual team is always on hand to give legal advice and representation to Brisbane business owners who have English as their second language.

Our Commercial Services

Our commercial law services can help start-ups, and micro businesses hit the ground running, as well as nurture and protect more established companies and corporate enterprises.

Headed by Hideki Shimizu, our savvy team of business lawyers offer the following legal services:

Business Structures

If you are establishing a new business alone, via a partnership, joint venture, trust, franchise, or any other form, we will support you throughout the entire process.

Or, if you’re looking to restructure your existing business, we can help with partnership dissolution, and corporate restructures.


Our law firm in Brisbane can prepare or review legal contracts, including the purchase or sale of a business, franchise agreements, supply agreements, service agreements, partnership agreements and many more vital legal documents.

We’ll ensure the contract terms and conditions you agree to are acceptable for your business now and into the future, making sure due diligence standards are always met.

Commercial Disputes and Litigation

If you’ve been wronged in business, don’t assume you haven’t got a case. Get help!

We offer dispute resolution services and commercial litigation for a range of issues, including breach of contract, building and property disputes, debt recovery, copyright infringement, and partnership disputes.


The success of most franchise businesses hinges upon the business and legal advice franchisees receive before signing up.

Phoenix Law will help you go through your franchise agreement and disclosure documents to ensure you remain aware of every issue that could positively or negatively impact your new business.

Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

You deserve full recognition and reward for the intellectual property you produce.

We can manage and enforce your intellectual property rights, including litigation if necessary. We will also help you with registering designs, patents and trademarks.

Property and Leasing

Do you want to save money and protect your assets? If your business has physical premises, a commercial lawyer can help you do both.

We negotiate retail leasing and commercial leasing on behalf of both landlords and tenants.

And, we can also work closely with you during the sale or purchase of your commercial property, providing a full suite of conveyancing services.

Workplace Reviews and Employment

Do you need to formalise your arrangements with employees? We can help protect you and your company by drafting and reviewing employment contracts and workplace agreements to ensure your business has legal and fair policies and procedures in place.

We can also review and assist with workplace disputes, unfair dismissals, and occupational health and safety issues.

Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Taxation and Finance

We will assist with recovering money owed to you, from an issuing an initial letter of demand to claim statements and pursuing court judgments.

We also draft and review mortgages, guarantees, charges, and other security documentation, and offer advice on how GST, capital gains and land tax can affect your business.

Business Succession and Asset Protection

Savvy business owners understand how important it is to mitigate their exposure to risks. To protect your personal assets and the business itself, you need a contingency plan that accounts for your family, your business partners and your employees.

In addition to assisting you with clever business structuring, we will keep your assets safe through unit, discretionary and family trusts, wills and/or powers of attorney documentation.

Speak to Phoenix Law about Your Business

At Phoenix Law, our main goal is ensuring our clients completely understand Australian legislation as it relates to them.

As registered members of the Queensland Law Society, we work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for every person we meet. For more information on legal matters regarding your business, call (07) 3180 0908 or contact us online.