Workplace Relations Law in Brisbane

In competitive modern business environments, how workplace relations are managed has a significant impact on an organisation’s reputation and performance.

Every Brisbane organisation that doesn’t want to exposure to legal pitfalls or adverse publicity should have human resources policies and procedures that are up-to-date with Australia’s workplace relations laws and technology.

Phoenix Law takes a personal and understanding approach to all workplace matters. We always ensure that you understand how the legislation relates to your circumstances, and offer advice that’s based on your objectives.

You can be sure we’re always working in your best interests.

Hiring a Lawyer Minimises Risks

Our legal firm in Brisbane has a proven track record for providing high-quality advice and representation in complicated legal issues. We will assist you with navigating workplace investigations, negotiating employment contracts, recovering bonus payments and so much more.

We’re successful because we take the time to get to know our clients. Phoenix Law’s workplace relations team works closely with our clients to ensure that business’ human resources policies and procedures achieve commercial objectives and employees who are wronged have access to justice.

Phoenix Law can assist you or your business with:

  • Drafting employment contracts, terms and conditions
  • Providing representation for cases of unfair dismissal
  • Offering advice for workplace contracts, including financial advice for termination of employment
  • Offering advice regarding employee and company taxation concerns
  • Drafting and negotiating enterprise agreements
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Drafting terms and conditions of internet and email usage
  • Discrimination and harassment issues
  • Drafting and negotiating the resolution of industrial disputes
  • Advising clients for workforce restructuring
  • Drafting and negotiating policies and procedures
  • Statutory obligations under Commonwealth and state legislation
  • Risk management of workplace hazards

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As a respected member of the Queensland Law Society, we have been helping Brisbane employees and companies resolve disputes and ensure total fairness in the workplace for many years.

Our lawyers are here to offer professional advice, and we even offer “no win, no fee” options for some clients (in these agreements we waive our fee if you are ruled against in court, although you may still be liable for other costs).

For more information on any of our employment services, call (07) 3180 0908 or contact us online.