Lunar New Year is on Friday 12 February this year and it’s the lucky Year of the Ox.

It’s called the Lunar New Year because it marks the first new moon of the lunisolar calendars which are regulated by the cycles of the moon and sun. The Lunar New Year (often called Chinese New Year) is celebrated by many East Asian countries.

The zodiac sign of the Ox occupies the second position in the Chinese Zodiac. Those born under the influence of the Ox are fortunate to be stable and persevering.

The typical Ox is a tolerant person with a strong character.

Oxen are the hard workers in the background, intelligent and reliable, but never demanding praise. Years of the Ox are: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021. Were you born in the “Year of the Ox”?

Members of our team born in the year of the Ox are your best advocates, intelligent, reliable, guiding you in your legal and life decisions.   At Phoenix Law & Associates, we have a multilingual team to help you rise from the ashes.

Chinese Zodiac Calendar
While you may have heard of the 12-year Chinese zodiac calendar, represented by 12 different animals, it’s actually far more complicated. A year isn’t just categorized by its zodiac animal. There’s also a complex sexagenary cycle — a combination of one of 10 heavenly stems and one of 12 earthly branches.
For example, February 12 marks the beginning of the xin chou year, according to the sexagenary cycle. “Xin” represents the heavenly stem for the element metal, while “chou” is the earthly branch symbol for ox, making it the Year of the Metal Ox.
Thierry Chow, a Hong Kong-based feng shui master
“The year of xin chou will have a strong emphasis on the yin metal element,” she says. “The metal element represents anything sparkly from jewelry to the needle of a syringe. So we can see a bigger emphasis on industries related to metal in 2021.
“The ox, in Chinese culture, is a hardworking zodiac sign. It usually signifies movements so, hopefully, the world will be less static than last year and get moving again in the second half of the year.”
Many people take the 60-year calendar very seriously and believe each person’s own birth sign will be affected differently by the year’s heavenly stems and earthly branches. So the calendar plays an important role in making huge life decisions for the year ahead, such as whether they should get married or start a business.

Lunar New Year 2021 The Year of the Ox

February 12 marks the start of the Year of the Metal Ox.
Normally, Lunar New Year fairs will be set up during the last days of the lunar year, most selling trinkets and flowers for the new year. But because of the pandemic, many cities have downsized or cancelled their festivities.
The year usually wraps up with a big family reunion dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve, which falls on February 11 this year.
The Menu
The menu is carefully chosen to include dishes associated with luck, including fish (the Chinese word for it sounds like the word for “surplus”), puddings (symbolizes advancement) and foods that look like gold ingots (like dumplings).
Do wear red, don’t wash your hair. or buy shoes.
Families tend to have different sets of rules and traditions, but most will bless each other with auspicious words like “san tai gin hong” or “shen ti jian kang” (wish you good health).
There are plenty of other rules and superstitions attached to the Lunar New Year. For instance, don’t wash or cut your hair on the first day of the new year. The Chinese character for hair is the first character in the word for prosper. Therefore washing or cutting it off is seen as washing your fortune away.
You’ll also want to avoid purchasing footwear for the entire lunar month, as the term for shoes (haai) sounds like losing and sighing in Cantonese. Do, however, wear red. It’s associated with luck and prosperity.
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Aussie Road Etiquette Guide

Your blinker is your best mate. Always let others know you’re changing lanes, snapping a park or turning into a driveway.

A smile and wave goes a long way. It’s nice to be nice, so give thanks to fellow drivers.

Don’t be a tailgater, hater. People like their personal space. So do cars.

Want to be seen? Dim your high beam. No one likes a blinding light heading their way.

You go, I go. When merging, let other cars in and they’ll return the favour.  It’s all in the karma.

Park as if you’re passing your Ps. Be careful, precise and give other cars their space.

It’s wrong to be right. Unless you’re overtaking, stay in the left lane.

Turn the other cheek, resist the beep. Take a breath before hitting that horn. It can stress out other drivers and we don’t want that.

No one likes a backseat driver. Not driving? No worries, sit back and relax.

Everyone’s on their own journey. Literally. Remember we’re all trying to get to where we’re going in the safest possible way. ( With thanks , ING Insurance)

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here for You  When you have suffered losses due to the actions of someone else, it’s important to know what you’re entitled to in terms of compensation. If you’re not sure what to do in this frustrating time, the Brisbane personal injury lawyers at Phoenix Law are here to help.

Whether you were injured in a car accident, at work, or on private or public property, our knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers can help you understand and uphold your rights.

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Our Pick of the Week comes from the beautiful Redcliffe Jetty. When you find a great fresh food and artisan market you want to visit again and again, especially on the water at Redcliffe on a Sunday morning. These markets are filled with farm-fresh produce, meats, trawler-direct seafood, aroma appetising baked goods, gourmet food and provisions, artisan goods, homewares and much more. The market organisers are extremely passionate about supporting and showcasing the best growers, makers, builders and bakers in the Moreton Bay and surrounds. Read More at (website link … )

Redcliffe Peninsula – have fun, save money !!

Redcliffe Farmers and Artisan Markets occurs every Sunday from 8.00am through to 2.00pm on the Redcliffe Jetty. Every time we find something totally different from the time before, and the regulars will be back with a restock. Although the markets are free, due to COVID-19, you must register through Eventbrite to attend. This way you and others will be safe. It is advisable to wear a mask, take hand sanitiser, a hat for sunny days, sunglasses, sunscreen and water.

While you are there, stay for lunch or morning tea at one of the local cafes or bring your bathers and towel for beach fun. A visit to the Redcliffe Markets is a perfect day out to enjoy these two special places in close proximity of each other. Do not worry about parking as there is plenty of spaces in front of the market and in the surrounding streets. Why not suggest a family or friends meet up for a fun day out. If you wish to know more about these markets, please telephone 0466 649 132 or email Otherwise, meet up at Redcliffe Parade and enjoy your day.

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“In Japan, the New Year is the biggest celebration of the year. We have a proverb in Japan, “the total for the year is on New Year’s Day”. In other words, we symbolise the first of January of each year as being your new year coming. So most Japanese people will visit their local temples and shrines to pay respects to their ancestors and gods and pray for the prosperous year.

Traditionally the New Year dish In Japan is called “Osechi”. Osechi are traditional foods which are the variety of Japanese traditional foods packed together in “Jubako” which is special box that resembles bento boxes. It is prepared before the New Year so that the kitchen would not be used to give “the Kitchen God” rest during the new year festive period.

All of the ingredients in Osechi are meant for good health, fortune and prosperity for a year. For example, “Black beans” are eaten to encourage work and academic achievement. Prawns have long hair with bended backs, so that it symbolises old people and you eat them to pray for longevity.

Salted Herring Roe is eaten to pray for the prosperity of descendants. Mashed sweet potato with chestnuts is believed to raise money luck and fortune, and  Sweet Omelet is eaten to improve your knowledge. ” Hideki Shimizu,  Legal Practice Director, Lawyer , Registered Migration Agent (MARN 9900985)

Japanese Lawyers plus thirteen other languages 

In today’s transnational world, finding advisors and Japanese lawyers that can communicate with you about your legal needs in the language you’re most comfortable speaking is a must. At Phoenix Law, we are proud to be a multilingual law firm that celebrates diversity. We strive to assist you with your domestic and international affairs in the language you prefer speaking. At Phoenix Law, we speak thirteen languages in addition to English.  CALL US anytime at 1800GETHELP –  or read more at


The Baseball nuts at Phoenix Law & Associates support and sponsor The BRISBANE BANDITS for the 2020-21 ABL Season. The Brisbane Bandits are proud to announce Phoenix Law and Associates is a Platinum Partner with the Brisbane Bandits for the next 3 years.

The Brisbane Bandits are also delighted to announce the signing of NPB veteran pitcher Masaru Nakamura for the 2020/21 season. The tall right handed Nakamura has spent 10 years pitching with the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters in the north of Japan, achieving a career ERA of 3.89 in the Nippon Professional Baseball League.

Born and raised in Saitama near Tokyo, Masaru travelled to Brisbane in March to study English and prepare himself for the upcoming season.
It is time for the Dragon to enter the arena in the fight to return the Claxton Shield to the North. Nakamura says “I’m excited to be playing for Brisbane, looking at the ABL from Japan there is no other place or team in Australia I could have hoped to play for. I am ready to fight to be bring more honour to the North.”

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傷害與事故律師專門從事工傷索賠,職場傷害出於持續性的高速度,高要求環境中導致,在“over a period of time”索賠中,我們有相當多成功的案例。

Com as empresas e corporações comtemplando a situação de mercado pós COVID-19, é provável haver um foco em maior eficiência e corte de gastos por tempo indeterminado.


Está bem e seguro quem trabalha em escritório ou em outro caso, em função que não envolva contato físico. Mas em distribuição de armazém, construção e mineração assim como outras indústrias tal como fábricas e frigoríficos espera-se haver cortes nos gastos em saúde e segurança.


Pode-se não parecer muito no papel ou no computador do chefe, mas um aumento de produção de 10% em geral, sem o mesmo aumento em carga-horária, é bem provável em causar lesões por esforço excessivo e repetitivo ao trabalhador.


Em um recente artigo publicado no Jornal do Instituto da Ciência de Decisões, co-autorado pelo acadêmico da ANU Dr. Di Fan encontrou que empresas com 20% no aumento de débito conduziu em aproximadamente a mesma porcentagem em violações das regulações de saúde e segurança. “Nós encontramos empresas usando empréstimos e não investindo em capital humano – antes, fizeram uso do mesmo para forçar a produtividade, que no processo colocaram trabalhadores em risco.” Disse Dr. Fan.


Todos os trabalhadores atuando em áreas de serviço braçal e linhas de produção devem apresentar os problemas em práticas inseguras, demandas físicas insuportáveis e semelhantes, para seus respectivos supervisores e gerentes, e manter os recordes das queixas e os resultados. Se experenciar algum início de lesão ou dor, deve-se consultar um médico profissional e procurar por conselho jurídico o mais rápido possível.


Injury & Accident Lawyers especializa em reivindicação por lesões do trabalho e possui muitas histórias de sucesso atuando em queixas que duram por considerável período de tempo, no qual trabalhadores sofrem lesões em resultado do contínuo elevado ritmo e demanda no trabalho.

Dado que las empresas y corporaciones analizan la situación del mercado posterior a COVID-19, es probable que haya un enfoque en una mayor eficiencia y recorten el gasto indefinidamente.

Es bueno y seguro para quien trabaja en la oficina o en otro caso, en una función que no involucra contacto físico. Pero en la distribución de almacenes, construcción y minería, así como en otras industrias, como fábricas y refrigeradores, se esperan recortes en los gastos de salud y seguridad.

Puede que no parezca mucho en papel o en la computadora del jefe, pero un aumento en la producción del 10% en general, sin el mismo aumento en la carga de trabajo, es muy probable que cause lesiones debido al esfuerzo excesivo y repetitivo para el trabajador.

En un artículo reciente publicado en el Journal of the Institute of Decision Science, en coautoría del Dr. Di Fan, investigador de la ANU, descubrió que las compañías con un aumento del 20% en la deuda condujeron a aproximadamente el mismo porcentaje de violaciones de las normas de salud y seguridad. “Encontramos compañías que usaban préstamos y no invertían en capital humano; antes, lo usaban para forzar la productividad, lo que en el proceso puso en riesgo a los trabajadores”. Dijo el Dr. Fan.

Todos los trabajadores que trabajan en áreas de servicio manual y líneas de producción deben presentar problemas en prácticas inseguras, demandas físicas insoportables y similares, a sus respectivos supervisores y gerentes, y mantener registros de quejas y resultados. Si experimenta alguna lesión o dolor, debe consultar a un médico profesional y buscar asesoramiento legal lo antes posible.

Injury & Accident Lawyers se especializan en reclamos por lesiones laborales y tienen muchas historias de éxito, trabajando en quejas que duran un período considerable de tiempo en el que los trabajadores sufren lesiones como resultado del continuo alto ritmo y demanda en el trabajo.

Pay attention to the effect of COVID-19 in the workplace!

As many enterprises and companies are trying to think about the post-COVID-19 market environment, in the uncertain period in the future, people may focus on improving efficiency and saving costs.

If you are working in an office or other non-labor jobs, all of this is fine, but working in factory distribution, construction, mining, and other manufacturing workers (eg, manufacturing and meat processing) will be the first to bear the brunt of health and safety.

When the overall production line of the factory increases by 10%, even if the working hours do not increase the same, although the numbers on paper or the boss ’s computer seem to be few, this is likely to cause excessive physical use and repetitive strain damage to workplace workers.

In a recent article published in the Journal of the Institute of Decision Sciences, co-authored by Dr. Di Fan, an Australian National University scholar, he found that companies with a 20% increase in debt and the number of violations of health and safety regulations were roughly proportional. Dr. Fan said: “We found that the company that obtained the loan did not invest this money in human capital, but used it to increase productivity, which puts operating workers at risk in this process.”

In all labor-intensive and production-process working environments, workers who work should raise their supervisors and managers with violations of work safety and unsustainable physical requirements, and keep complaints and results records. If an injury or pain occurs, they should consult a professional medical staff and seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

Injury and accident lawyers specialize in work-related injury claims. Workplace injuries are caused by continuous high speed and high-demand environments. In “over a period of time” claims, we have quite a few successful cases.

I  made a new will and need to execute it. However, I cannot meet with my solicitor in person, nor organise two independent witnesses because of self isolation and social distancing. What should I do?

On 22 April, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland issued Practice Direction No.10 of 2020 (Practice Direction) and has given some practical solutions while we are in self isolation due to COVID-19 outbreak. However, it only applies to wills that are executed between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020. (It is not yet known that if this time period could extend depending on the COVID-19 spread.)

In summary, the above Practice Direction is now allowing the executor of Will to execute a testamentary document so long as it is witnessed by a solicitor using audio-visual technology provided that there is clear evidence showing that the testator intended the document to take immediate effect as their will.

However, the Practice Direction contains this condition:

That the reason why the testator was unable to execute the will in the physical presence of two witnesses was because of either government enforced or recommended, or self imposed, isolation or quarantine arising from the COVID 19 pandemic.

So you still must demonstrate that the reason you could not execute your will in the prescribed manner was due to COVID-19 pandemic and if the execution of an informal will is witnessed by a practitioner using audio-visual technology, it will be important to ensure that evidence is recorded and securely retained to prove satisfaction of about the various elements of the Practice Direction at the time a practitioner is involved.

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Due to the current situation related to the COVID-19 our office has instigated several policies:-

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