Kiyoe from Yokohama, has worked in Australia for nearly three years. Her employers, who originally sponsored her, have now completed their project. Kiyoe has built a happy life here with good connections, and a business network, and wants to stay on. She has been offered some contract work with IT systems migration.

For Kiyoe, gaining another visa was difficult. Fortunately, she was referred by a colleague to Phoenix Law and Associates. Hideki Shimizu is the principal and together with his team of multilingual skilled migration team can help a valuable and resourceful person to continue to live in Brisbane.

With close to 100 visa categories and more than 3,000 pages of legislation and policies, it is important that your immigration advisor can guide you through the complex Australian immigration system and gets it right the first time. Phoenix Law & Associates’ Migration Team can help with;

• Helping with Temporary visa or Permanent Residency.
• Extension of your current visas.
• Bringing family members to Australia.
• Sponsoring overseas employees to work in Australia.
• Appeal to the refusal decision and cancellations.
• (Marriage or De facto)
• Business/Investment Migration

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