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Domestic violence isn’t just the act of a man physically attacking a woman. It is an insidious form of violence that can cover a vast range of physical, financial and emotional abuse – carried out by both men and women. 

In Queensland, the law is taking definitive steps to equip and protect victims of domestic and family violence. Whether you know that you are a victim and want to enforce your rights, or you need help to figure out how the law views your situation, you can benefit from calling a family law professional.

Phoenix Law has an experienced team that will treat your case with respect, confidentiality and professionalism. We believe that victims of domestic violence need both support to survive and knowledge to become empowered.

When it comes to putting an end to domestic violence, it is essential that those who have experienced this type of abuse understand the process of applying for and receiving a protection order, or a domestic violence order (DVO).

In Queensland, you can only get these orders when domestic violence has occurred in specific circumstances. For example, there must be a ‘relevant relationship’ between the parties involved. And, because of the complicated and sensitive circumstances surrounding domestic violence, the court is the only body with the power to decide whether an order is necessary.

The way the court operates can be challenging to understand, especially when you’re going through a traumatic period in your life. Our lawyers know how domestic violence orders in Queensland work and can assist you with the processes you must to go through to get the outcome you need.

Phoenix Law can guide you through:

– Drafting and filing documents

– Temporary orders

– Urgent orders

– Court processes

– Negotiating with the other party

– Domestic violence court representations

– Defending against domestic violence orders

– How to vary a DVO

– How to withdraw a DVO

– Peace and good behaviour orders

– The flow-on-effects of a DVO

– Further proceedings such as separation or divorce

Remember: Domestic violence is more than physical abuse. If you are unsure of what is happening, or what you can do, you need to talk to a professional that can help.

If you are in immediate danger, contact the police on 000.

If you need counselling or access to resources, please contact a DV support line.

Or, if you need to talk about what to do next, you can reach Phoenix law on +61 (07) 3180 0908.

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