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3 Basic Agreements Business Partners Regret Not Making

Grit, determination and the right amount of funding aren’t all that it takes to successfully go into business with someone. No matter how solid your partnership may seem at the outset, you need to nut out a few basic legal agreements before you start operating a business together.  This month we asked business owners what they wish they'd done before partnering - and their answers all revolved around one thing: Partnership agreements!

Can my family be included in my temporary skilled worker visa application?

Most immediate family members (or dependent relatives) can be included in your application, however there are a number of requirements before the application can be lodged. They must meet the Australian Government’s requirements to be considered ‘family’ and include documentation to support your relationship. Family members will need to meet the same health and character...
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What happens if you die without a valid will?

If you die in Queensland without a will the state deems you to have died ‘intestate’. Queensland intestate laws govern the distribution of your estate among next of kin, including your spouse and children, some provisions (in the absence of next of kin) also include parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Relatives...
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