Satoshi Nozaki

Paralegal & Conveyancing Assistant

Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting & Finance) (UQ) Satoshi is a man of few words but many skills and abilities. With a natural gift for mathematics, he first pursued a career in accounting. Satoshi did not, however, find enough challenge in the life of an accountant and soon began developing a keen interest in the legal world. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Satoshi sprinting around his local soccer field or serving up a storm on the tennis courts.
“I know how new and challenging everyday things can be to someone who was not born in Australia. But I have found that when you have good people helping you, and you want to learn, it’s easier than you think to go from not knowing to complete understanding.”
Languages : English, Japanese
Strengths : Considerate, intelligent, disciplined
Likes : Soccer, tennis, gym
Dislikes : Grandstanding, sand at the beach, flying
Personal philosophy : Be happy to learn.
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