Jessica Hsiao


Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (UQ) Jessica’s thoughtful nature and enquiring mind make her a natural-born solicitor. A fervent desire to help people underpins all her efforts, and she is particularly passionate about assisting those who are marginalised or underrepresented in Australian society. Jess continually strives to improve herself, as evidenced by how she has wholeheartedly taken up the challenge of learning multiple practice areas in multiple languages. Those who know Jess will tell you she is kind, open-minded and does not settle for second best.
“I love people. I love that my work allows me to actually make a meaningful contribution to society. I love being challenged. I’m proud of the responsibility I carry here - it’s not like any other workplace I’ve been a part of. ”
Areas of practice : Personal injury law, migration law, commercial law
Languages : English, Mandarin, learning Japanese
Strengths : Passionate about justice, diplomatic, diligent
Likes : Sketching, yoga, live music
Dislikes : Excessive plastic packaging, waste, bigotry
Personal philosophy : Virtue can only flourish among equals.
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