Jade Sheridan

Senior claims manager & client liaison

Jade brings over a decade of insurance experience to the Phoenix Law brains trust. As someone who has worked both sides of the fence, she knows both the processes and the complexities of making claims like the back of her hand. Combine her cheerful demeanour and determined attitude with her wealth of experience, and you’ve got a true asset to the team - both professionally and personally.
“I strongly believe in following through. No matter how big or small the task is, I always do what I say I’ll do. That’s important - especially in an industry where livelihoods can be on the line.”
Languages : English
Strengths : Compassion, communication, thoroughness
Likes : Coffee, animals, fashion
Dislikes : Licorice, bananas, bad TV sitcoms
Personal philosophy : Keep your promises.
Passion project :

Jade and her husband have a real soft spot for homeless animals. They’ve fostered a number of times and often donate to foster and animal rescue groups.

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