Hiwa Zandi

Senior Solicitor

Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts (UQ)

Hiwa is Phoenix Law’s legal firebrand. Whether he is assisting with a visa application or pursuing a commercial litigation matter, he brings both passion and skill to the task at hand.

With several languages and a handful of published books under his belt, Hiwa is an intellectual force to be reckoned with.

“At the end of each matter I want a smile on my client’s face, so all of my work is geared towards obtaining positive results. I know how to marry client’s expectations with legal realities - that is a crucial skill to have in this industry.”
Areas of practice : Migration law, commercial law, property law, litigation
Languages : Kurdish, Persian, Urdu/Hindi, English
Strengths : Problem solving, tenacity, resilience
Likes : Researching ancient Mesopotamian history, day trips to the beach and national parks, spending time with family
Dislikes : Half-finished work and being away from mountains for two consecutive weeks
Personal philosophy : All problems bow before my persistence.
Passion project :

Hiwa sits on the board of the Refugee & Immigration Legal Service (RAILS)

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