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Spousal Maintenance Phoenix Law

Spousal Maintenance and Child Maintenance are all family law matters that you should seek legal advice on to ensure that all matters are binding, and obtain the best outcome for all involved – especially the child.

The purpose of any form of payment to a spouse, former partner, or child is to ensure that there is a fair contribution being made by the spouse or parent. In Australia, this is measured to meet the ‘reasonable needs’ of the spouse or child – which is a challenging concept for an individual to understand and is often at the heart of many disagreements. There are many factors that the court will consider around the ‘reasonable needs’ the nature of the relationship, and also any reliance upon publically funded allowances and the impact upon the community.

If you are unsure if you may need to pay spousal maintenance following a separation then you should contact Phoenix law to discuss your situation. Typically the court may grant maintenance for a spouse if the other person is unable to adequately support themselves. This could be because of a need to take care of a child, or for employment or impairment reasons.

At Phoenix law we can discuss all concerns that you may have about Spousal maintenance, including:

  • The differences with a De facto spouse
  • How to make an application,
  • The way claims for spousal maintenance work,
  • Variations of maintenance orders,
  • Stopping spousal maintenance orders.
  • How an assessment for child maintenance takes place
  • What happens to child maintenance when a child turns 18
  • Appeals

Spousal or child maintenance is but one element in family law which you may experience through a divorce or separation. Phoenix’s Family Law experts are experienced in helping people to understand the process of spousal maintenance, confirm arrangements, and provide advice on how to enforce these arrangements if there is a dispute or issue.

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