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A pre-nuptial Agreement, or ‘prenup’ is a binding financial agreement that two people can enter into if they are intending to get married in order to account for what will happen if the relationship ends.

Many people view a Pre-Nuptial agreement to be a matter of risk-management or as a safety precaution in case there is a breakdown in the relationship later in life. It may be a tough conversation to have with a spouse, but it is something that you should always consult a lawyer over to ensure that an agreement is drafted fairly for both parties and that all assets have been considered properly.

If you are currently experiencing a divorce or separation and have questions about an existing pre-nuptial agreement then Phoenix Law’s Family law team can help answer your many questions and help understand what happens and how the prenup can affect the process.

Talk to us if you have any of these questions about Pre-Nuptial agreements in Australia.

  • Should we sign a Prenup?
  • What should be included in a Prenup?
  • What sort of property can be included in an Australain prenup?
  • We are getting separated, what do I do with the Prenup?
  • What happens with debts in a Prenup?
  • Is my Prenup valid?
  • Can a Pre-nuptial agreement force me to pay support or a lump sum?

Pre-nups are a complicated are of family law, and you should also be aware that pre-nuptial agreements are different to Binding Financial Agreements or BFAs. As with any Family Law matter it is always best to speak to a qualified and experience legal professional like those at Phoenix law. If you want to speak further please get in touch with Phoenix law at +61 (07) 3180 0908

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