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Family law matters aren’t always contained within Queensland. In fact, with cross-cultural relationships on the rise in Australia, it increasingly common for family conflicts with estranged partners and third parties to escalate into international disputes.

At Phoenix Law, our team of multilingual solicitors has experience navigating a range of international family law matters. From the division of foreign property and business assets, through to international custody disputes and more, we offer expert legal assistance that is delivered in your language.

When it comes to international disputes, every case is unique, and achieving a positive outcome will depend on both your legal team’s abilities and other country’s relationships with Australia.

Take, for example, the case of one parent taking their child overseas without the other parent’s permission. This area of law is governed by an international treaty called The Hague Convention.

Signatories of this convention may view this removal of a child as an act of kidnapping and therefore assist Australian law enforcement and courts with the child’s recovery. Countries that aren’t signatories, however, may not offer any assistance, and parents may need to rely on the help of a skilled negotiator.  

In both instances, parents have a higher chance of successful recovery when they enlist the help of professional legal teams who have experience dealing with international disputes.

If you’re experiencing family law issues in Queensland, but believe that there are international problems that must be deal with as well, get in touch with the Phoenix Law team.

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