Guide to Our Office Car Park

This is a step by step guide to how to park at our office (Level 17/300 Adelaide Street, Brisbane) with attached Photos. There is only one entrance to the car park, located in Hutton Lane.
5 minutes before arriving at the car park, you need to call us and ask for the Lawyer/s or Paralegal/s handling your matter so we can let you in.
Please call us on: (07) 3180 0908

To Arrive at Hutton Lane (Entrance to Car Park)

To arrive at the entrance to the car park on Hutton Lane, enter your GPS Navigator Hutton Lane, Brisbane.
Hutton Lane is located off Ann Street, Brisbane (See Photograph A).
Hutton Lane can only be accessed from Ann Street, and cannot be accessed via Adelaide Street.
Turn left into Hutton Lane off Ann Street.

Photograph A


To Enter the Car Park

To enter the car park, drive down Hutton Lane.
The car park is located on the last driveway to the left (See Photograph B).
Turn into this driveway and drive up towards the First entrance door (See Photograph B).
Wait outside this door, and someone from our office will open the door, and guide you to the car park.
If you get lost, or can’t find the right entrance, please call our office, and your
Lawyer/Paralegal will help you find your way.
If you have any issues at all, please call our office at the number above

Photograph B